Naming your album after a song entitled “Porcupine Meat” may seem a little unusual unless you’re Bobby Rush, who earned his first gold record in 1971 with a hit entitled “Chicken Heads.” He elaborates on his recent composition: “If a lady won’t treat me right, but she doesn’t want anyone else to have me, that is hard to digest.” Hence the lyric, “too fat to eat, too lean to throw away.” Porcupine Meat is Rush’s debut release for Rounder Records, and one of the best recordings of his astonishing 60-plus year career. Released in late 2016 the album went on to garner a Grammy Nomination for Best Traditional Blues Album after a debut at #1 on the Living Blues radio chart.


Col. Bruce Hampton (born Gustav Berglund III, April 30, 1947) is a surrealist American musician. In the late 1960s he was a founding member of Atlanta, Georgia’s avant-garde Hampton Grease Band. Adopting the moniker Colonel Bruce Hampton, Retired, and sometimes playing a sort of dwarf guitar called a chazoid, he later formed several other bands, including The Late Bronze Age, The Aquarium Rescue Unit, The Fiji Mariners, The Quark Alliance and his most recent project, known as Col. Bruce Hampton and The Pharaoh Gummitt.


The AJ Ghent Band is a family band that fuses the sounds of rock, blues, funk and pop together. The musical art produced by this unit is witty, energetic, and funky, with a message of positivity and love.


The Snarky Horns are the long time horn section for the Multi-Grammy award winning group Snarky Puppy. In addition to creating a distinctive sound with SP, the section has been called upon to perform or record with a stylistically wide range of artists including David Crosby, Beyonce, Phish, Soulive, Jon Medeski, Railroad Earth, Eric Harland’s Voyager, Lucy Woodward, Chantae Cann, Jazz is Phish, The Everyone Orchestra, and many others.


Northeast Florida is its own kind of weird. Go there with Swamp Cabbage and let your jaw drop, smile and dance. The band is an electric three-piece blend of southern rock, funk and second-line dixieland jazz grooves.


Old Salt Union is known for playing music by their own set of rules. While the men who make up the group are not complete rebels, they are certainly focused on exposing people to a purer, more exciting, and more original form of music. Drawing influence from Bill Monroe, Sam Bush and Del McCoury, to jazz great Bill Evans and Composer Danny Elfman, it’s obvious the group has a unique and broad genetic make-up.


The Billy Jonas Band loves to engage and delight both young and adult audiences. Whether performing for adults, families, school groups, faith communities, or a mix, they strive for a musical excellence that inspires, entertains, and moves people literally and figuratively. With "wild winded word magic" (Dirty Linen Magazine), homemade "industrial re-percussion" instruments, exquisite 3 and 4 part vocal harmonies, plus guitar and bass, they love to create community through song and story. Their specialty: finding and pushing your "wonder" button.


Lowcountry Voices is a multicultural and ethnically diverse choral performing arts organization based in North Charleston, SC, USA. It performs all genres of choral music with an emphasis on African-American music performed in the South Carolina Lowcountry tradition. Its repertoire includes traditional and contemporary gospel music, spirituals, hymns, jazz, classical choral music, and music from the theater and movies. It shares the musical flavor of the Lowcountry in multiple venues throughout the Lowcountry of South Carolina, as well as throughout the state of South Carolina, throughout the United States, and internationally.


A spiritual young man who has overcome many obstacles since his diagnosis of cerebral palsy at birth, Marques Quarterman has earned the nickname “The Miracle Boy.” Marques has always loved to sing gospel and growing up, people came to town just to witness him sing and praise him for doing everything the doctors said he wouldn’t do. Marques’ first CD was titled “I Need You Jesus,” and he's working on a second, “Get on the Good Foot with the Lord.” His song “Jesus Said He Will Be With Me” hit #2 on GMTC. In 2012, the Miracle Boy formed the group, “Marques and The Marvelous Miracles.”


Waits & Co. is an Alt-Country/Americana trio rooted in the rich tradition of Southern music, harnessing musical influences from the sun-drenched Lowcountry, to the jagged mountains of Appalachia. Deeply intwined within Waits & Co.’s sound are the standards of folk and Americana, mixed seamlessly on a foundation of country western. Frontman Jon Waits delivers a modern sensibility in his songwriting, ripe with introspective, lyrical, story telling. Markus Kuhlmann builds the rhythmic foundation of the outfit, accenting the entire operation with a plethora of instrumentation and talent. John Pizzichemi plays the low-end cohort with his double bass and its electric brother, filling out the sound with exquisite substance. From time to time, in the communal tradition of folk music, Waits and Co. pulls from the deep talent pool of the band’s homestead of Savannah, Georgia to feature different pickers and grinners in live performances.


Missionary Blues is a juke joint style blues band payin' respect to the blues and American roots music. By "juke joint" style we mean a blues band that brings an energetic party atmosphere to every gathering.

Jimmy Brown from Brick)

Jimmy Brown, Father of Sleepybrown (OutKast), was born in Savannah, Ga. He is the lead vocalist and horn man for Brick known for 70’s hits such as “Music Magic,” “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody,” “We Don’t Wanna Sit Down, We Wanna Get Down,” and most of all “Dazz.” He plays flute, trombone, trumpet and alto saxophone. He has performed flutes on the movie Shaft sound track starring Samuel Jackson.

Jimmy has done shows such as American Bandstand, Soultrain, Midnight Special, Diana Shore, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Saturday Night Live. He resides in Atlanta, GA and continues to dazzle the city with live performances. Jimmy is an original member of BRICK


The Savannah Children’s Choir is a nonprofit, community supported, choral organization whose mission is to unite, mentor and transform Savannah’s children into responsible, creative, and confident leaders through excellence in choral performance and music education.


“I look forward to enjoying future performances from Annalise. From what I remember, her personal style of music delivery was unadorned, yet carefully layered and composed. I felt compelled to capture Annalise, due to her captivating, stripped-down musical performance, and due to her pensive stage presence, which complemented her musical selections quite well.”
Solomon Noah Feitelson -

J Chambers

J. Chambers is a singer/songwriter from St. Louis. He purposefully avoids over accompaniment or unnecessary adornment, leaving his music visceral with a gut punch range of emotion. Resisting the obligation to make anyone dance, his songs instead lean on intimate, often searing, vocals that float provocative, hooky melodies over simple acoustic guitar. Few artists step on stage as willing to expose their personal vulnerabilities, so that the audience might experience its own.


Xuluprophet- Savannah psychedelic Funk/Reggae/Rock Headed by Ireland native Oisin Daly and Bronx native and founder Xulu Jones. Xuluprophet is a innovative blend of of the best elements of groove heavy music styles. Pulling from such diversity as Rory Gallagher, Prince, Bob Marley, The Police, Fela Kuti, and Funkadelic, people can’t help but feel the pulse of the music. A very unique setup allows either guitarist to switch between bass & guitar mid song giving exciting improvisational acrobats to the music. Earthy gritty vocals and soaring psychedelic guitar leads are the backdrop for stories about the inner and outer human experiences. They haveplayed for Rock & Roll Marathon, Earth Day Festival, International Festival, and will be in South Carolina and Florida through 2017

Xulu & Oisin have always used their music to apply relief when possible. Hosting and organizing their own fundraisers in the past for Domestic Violence Shelter, Veterans for Peace, and Loop It Up Savannah in 2016. XULUPROPHET boys run through their groove heavy set of mostly originals.
Since 2014, ever since Oisin arrived in Savannah, and Bronx born Xulu linked up as street musicians, they have been growing their ever evolving band. Starting with two acoustic guitars, they have reinvested their earnings into building their brand, and taking their full electric powered show on the road to SC & FL.. Aligning themselves with other local entrepreneurs, the band has become a promotions outfit as well, and gained sponsorship from 13 Bricks Clothing, Musikhaus, Hair You Go Salon, City StreamNow and Butterhead Greens.


Over the past three decades, Walter Parks has forged a distinctive international career as the lead guitarist for Woodstock legend Richie Havens, half of the folk-duo The Nudes, and guitarist and leader of the swamp/blues-outfit Swamp Cabbage. His original music is inspired by the swampy gospel blues that wails from storefront churches and roadhouses in and around the southeast Georgia low country. Walter will be hosting the annual Open Jam.

WORKSHOP: Re-Percussions: Making Instruments from Recyclable Objects

Participate in Billy Jonas’s workshop and learn how music can be made “ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, with ANYONE, and ANYTHING!”


The Snarky Horns draw from years of performance, recording, arranging, and section playing experience to discuss a wide variety of topics, including, but not limited to:
Developing a good sound
Playing in a horn section
Using effects pedals with horns
Practice techniques and warm ups

Clinics will be in question and answer format and catered to a wide variety of audiences.

Fundamentals of the Music Business

Learn the Fundamentals of the Music Business with Industry Veteran Eric Winbush. Eric Winbush founded Dadd's Production Inc. in 1992. While tasting the touring life with Major recording artist "THE SOS BAND¨. his vision was to try present all of the benefits, perks, and plushes, he experienced on the road to his locally signed talents. This includes prepping, grooming, and training the artist to present a professional performance, presence, and product.


Listed below are our just a taste of some of our art workshops and artport shuffle artists for 2017.

Shea Slemmer

Shea grew up on the edge of the Ocala National Forest in Northeast Central Florida. She now lives and works in Downtown Savannah, GA. Her large abstract oil paintings can be found in various private homes and businesses throughout the United States and Europe. When she is not traveling, (her favorite thing to do), you can find her in her studio overlooking Crawford Square in the Historic Landmark District.

R. Land

Land draws from a provocative pop lexicon that incorporates kitsch, advertisements, cartoons, underground comix and pornography, often drawing from the lowbrow without dissing it.

Though his work is wildly varying in approach, what remains consistent is the sense of fun and a hands-thrown-up-in-the-air amazement at the ludicrousness of it all. The punchy, fruity colors go a long way, as does the cartoon stylization of the work.

Katherine Sandoz

I am a painter, illustrator and maker living and working in Savannah, Georgia. I specialize in paint and fibers-based works. I also create installations from native and upcycled or repurposed materials. I rely on research, a conceptual framework and storytelling while working with beautiful and meaningful materials. Additionally, I create concepts and build strategies for visual communications for businesses, organizations and individuals.

Betsy Cain

Although Betsy's visual vocabulary is quite abstract, her inspiration often comes from the lush natural environment of the Lowcountry, lending her work a specific sense of place. Her paintings stem from her connection to her immediate environment, her marsh. Her amazing palette is anything but out of the tube. She paints from her spirit, her guts, her surroundings.

Jor Smith Michel

Jor Smith Michel creates works that are both personal and rely on his interpretation of familiar, over-saturated cultural references. He interacts with, re-frames, juxtaposes, and plays with icons and symbols drawn from various striking sources, from comics to celebrated artists, in order to create his own visual language.

Alfredo Martinez

Alfredo is a muralist and designer who currently lives in Florida, but built his reputation as an artist in Savannah, GA.

Adobe Arts Lab

Digital Artists will be sharing skills in Digital Art and Design, sponsored by Adobe.
David Smiley
Kim Valentinnson
Rashad Doucet
Ella Ward
Ellen Manning
Caleb Boyles
José Medina

SCAD Ceramics: Slip Printing

The SCAD Ceramics Dept. will be giving demos and helping you to create a print using clay slip. Hosted by artist Yves Paquette

Face Painting by Scribble Art Studio

Get your face painted and become a fantastical creature or superhero!
Artists: Caroline Rose
Ava Burr
Tonya Edwards

Portrait Post

Have a seat for a few minutes, and have our talented crew of artists capture your portrait...yes, you can have it.

Artists: Jared Seff
Catherine Blanch
Dana Richardson
Alyssa Maria Gonzalez
Catherine McCabe

SCAD Fashion: Fashion Illustrations

Strike a pose, and the SCAD Fashion Club will capture your likeness in a stylized, “fashion” illustration. Hosted by Lara Wolf

SCAD Print: Poster Printing

Elmer Ramos will be helping you try your hand at screenprinting and create your own one-of-a-kind ATGD poster.

Will Penny

Will Penny is a Savannah-based multi-media artist. He utilizes digital technology as the vehicle for the conversion of his designs into various mediums of two and three-dimensional public art. Penny has created a site-specific large-scale projection specifically for A-Town that will be performed at the Warner Street Stage starting at 7:30 p.m.

Matt Toole

Matt Toole is a Savannah-based sculpture and performing artist. Part of what makes Toole's sculptural work so impressive is the effortless way in which he fuses different materials such as wood and metal together, encouraging the viewer's eye to focus on the seamless transitions between materials. Toole created a site-specific and interactive sculpture that can be experienced at the Warner Street Stage under the Talmadge Bridge as a part of the revitalizations efforts of the area.

Jason Armstrong Beck a.k.a. Bison Jack

Jason Armstrong Beck is a famed multi-disciplinary photographer, filmmaker, poet and brains behind The Journal of Bison Jack. Beck has created a large-scale poem that will be projected at A-Town Get Down McGuire Stage starting at 8:00p.m. that will be the backdrop for the last performances of the evening.


The original A-Town Get Down was in Savannah, Georgia in 2011. Artists, both visual and musical, have comprised the festival, involving festival-goers in enriching and engaging hands-on projects and workshops and electric performances. Some of those exciting artists are listed below.

A Fragile Tomorrow
Adolfo Hernandez
Anita Akella
Alyssa Drennen
Artport Shuffle with Matt Hebermehl
Autumn Van Gunten
Bartira Lobo
Benazir Torres
Blind Boys of Alabama
Bottles n' Cans
Brad Lauretti
Cecily Charles
Christine Sanitelli
City Hotel
Cleonique Hilsaca
Coastal Middle School Band
Daryl Hance
Devon Allman's Honeytribe
Elmont and Jones
Emily Chao
Eric Culberson Blues Band
Fresh Fire
"Guitar Tech for Experts" by Chip Ellis of Fender Guitars
Infallible Funk
Isaac Smith Band
Jackson Evans
Jamie Bourgeois
Jer Swaby
Jesse Jordan
Jose Ray
Kale Rardin
Katherine Sandoz
Kehoe Remix by Katherine Sandoz
Lil' J
Loop It Up Yarn Bomb by Molly Leiberman and Jessica Leigh Lebos
Loudon Wainwright III
Maggie Hayes
Marques and the Marvelous Miracles
Miggs the Knife
Open Jam workshop led by Walter Parks
Patch Whiskey
Randall Bramblett
Rebecca Loebe
"Rhythm and Groove" by Jagoda
Sam McTavey
Savannah Arts Band ECLIPSE!
Savannah Children's Choir
SeeSAW One on One Drawing
Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy
Simon Cooper
Sincerely Iris
"Singing with Your Heart, Soul and Body" by Sloan Wainwright
"Sleep and the Creative Mind" by Dr. Angie Randazzo
Peat Wollaeger
Sloan Wainwright
Swamp Cabbage
The Accomplices
The Lee Boys
The Malah
The Missionary Blues
The Rough and Tumble
Vincent Mccraw
Waits and Co.
Wall of Musicians by Yves Pacquette and SCAD Ceramic Arts
Walter Parks and Swamp Cabbage
Word of Mouth