A-Town Get Down, Inc. is always interested in meeting others who share our belief in the power of art and music to changes lives.

To join us as a volunteer at the A-Town Get Down Art and Music Festival, or our Community Outreach programs, please contact us through the form on this page.


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    Testimonial 1

    “The mission is extremely compelling—it’s this great network of artists who come together—professional artists, emerging artists, even artists who don’t know they’re artists yet—are influencing professional artists. It’s this really brilliant exchange of ideas. It’s become a platform for creating change.”
    — Arts Educator, Savannah

    Testimonial 2

    “Connecting your creativity, with your ideas, and the world, all together in one spot—it happens in one moment, at one time, only once a year—at the A-Town Get Down.”
    — College Student, Savannah

    Testimonial 5

    “I think everybody in the world has a special talent. Sometimes they just don’t know what it is. Because it’s numerous things it can be. I’ve seen some kids at school who, if they did get into this, maybe they’d get more happy and they’d get social with other people and they‘d have a talent for themselves they could use to make new friends, and relate to things, have something you could talk about.”
    — Charlie, Middle School Student, Savannah

    Testimonial 4

    “My friend actually performed. He invited me to tag along. I never knew. This was the first time I’ve seen him sing. It was nice seeing he can actually do something. He’s the type person who, you know, with no life, but I was glad to see him singing up there, having fun. I’ve never seen him have that much fun.”
    — Ray, Middle School Student, Savannah

    Testimonial 3

    “I cannot imagine an organization having a better mission than yours. And you run and operate it so well…and with such well-conceived programs. I am thankful for you and your work, and know that you are bringing experiences of a lifetime to innumerable individuals.”
    — Arts Educator/Fine Artist, Savannah